If you are looking for a small, successful village school then get in touch with us! Term 4 ends on 4-4-14 at 1.15p.m. and Term 5 begins on 23-4-14.

 Welcome to our website. We hope it answers all your questions about our school. If not, we are happy to answer them ourselves.  Contact us using the contact form or email office.3408@great-rollright.oxon.sch.uk 

  • Welly Wednesday
  • School Council at the Christmas Tree Festival
  • The school minibus at Hooke Court
  • Walking Club
  • The School Field
  • The school in the snow
  • Class 2
  • Hooke Court
  • A special visitor!
  • Christmas dinner

Recent News

4th April 2014

As ever, school has been very busy since we returned from the Christmas break in January 2014! We have had two very exciting special curriculum weeks...